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We hope it really will be, and our girls wish you small and big wonders in it, too:

Happy New Year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

We are participating in “Art of the Doll” in Moscow, December, 16-18:

Our podium at “Art of the Doll” exhibition in Moscow, on 16-18 of December, 2016

On our podium we'll show Aua aliens from Connected worlds, Zoe from “Cutie's Casual Company”, tatars–new Ruslan boy and renewed Alsu girl. We'll have not only full set Aua, Zoe, Alsu and AmiGaTa full set dolls for sale, but also INO Kids and Tadpoles, INO pendants, and AmiGaTa clothes and dummies.

We have recently opened a new site for Tamikan Space project, there you can order a new doll named Tamikan Space Aua. It's kind of reincarnation of INO series but the scale is somewhat larger and the style has changed from designer toy to fashion doll. We are not closing INO project at the moment, we still have some INO Kids and INO Tadpoles in stock.

Today we've added pictures of two more dolls, thus completing the gallery with all the available colours:

Tamikan Space Aua pre-orderAll colours of Tamikan Space Aua

Beware! The pre-order is open up to New Year, so there's less than month left.

Both autumn events are over and it is time to show what we prepared for them! Firstly, we present our last AmiGaTa collections.

Yes, as we've decided to discontinue the production of AmiGaTa series from the beginning of 2017, we are going to prepare only a couple more full set event dolls and to close the preorder for basic dolls in two months.

Ninth collection is dedicated to Japanese tradition–two Maiko serve tea to two youths of a noble family:

Tea ceremony AmiGaTasTea ceremony AmiGaTas and AmiGaTosTea ceremony AmiGaTo Treso's geta made of boxwood

Tenth and the last one presents grim and dim reality of post-apocalyptic world:

Last collection AmiGaTas at International Doll Salon in 2016Last collection AmiGaTas Quinta and UnaLast collection AmiGaTo TresoLast collection AmiGaTos UnosLast collection AmiGaTas Sixtas

In a couple of days we are not only planning to show pictures and detailed info on these full set AmiGaTas, but launch new dolls pre-order on a separate page for our recent Tamikan Space project!

Tamikan Space dollTamikan Space doll

And don't forget about new Tatar Alsu and Cutie's Casual Company Zoe dressed girls–so stay tuned!

We are at Modna Lyalka!

Tatar Alsu at Modna lyalka in Kiev in October 2016

The exhibition is till the end of the weekend so there's still is a day and a half to enjoy many beautiful dolls, handmade toys and much more at the adjoin craft fairs!

For us, this fall fair season has already begun with International Doll Salon in Moscow, in the end of October we will be in Kiev at Fashion Doll (Modna Lyalka) exhibition and it will procede into the winter as in December we are participating in the Art of the Doll, in Moscow again.

Teaser of our stand at International Doll Salon in October 2016

There are still two weekend days left to see many beautiful dolls and much more!

At this exhibition we are presenting a new bjd project of larger scale and higher detailization.

Tamikan Space logo

The web page for it is coming soon, as one for a new Last AmiGaTas collection, and new Tatar Alsu and CCC Zoe fullset dolls.

New INO dolls at International Doll Salon in October 2016AmiGaTas from Last collection at International Doll Salon in October 2016
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